Remarkable Professionals FROM THE INDUSTRY SHARING THEIR INSIGHTS THROUGH Case Studies, Talks, Presentations and Panel Discussions. Apply for a free ticket

December 11-12



Remarkable Professionals FROM THE INDUSTRY SHARING THEIR INSIGHTS THROUGH Case Studies, Talks, Presentations and Panel Discussions. FREE TO ATTEND but invitation only.

December 11-12

WHAT IS Deep Dive into UX/UI DESIGN?

The Deep Dive events organized by Brainster are gatherings for the global tech-community which includes companies, researchers, entrepreneurs, designers, thought leaders, students and policy makers.
The First Deep Dive conference is a two-day event organized in the field of UX and UI design. The goal of this conference is to give back to our community. Sharing knowledge and building connections is the core of Brainster’s initiative. We invite you to listen, learn, engage and connect with tech professionals and companies all around the globe. 


Hannes Robier

Organizer of the World Usability Congress and publisher of the UX Trend Report. Additional founder of the usability and user experience-consulting agency Youspi GmbH. Author of „UX Redefined – Winning and Keeping Customers with Enhanced Usability and User Experience“, a book covering the essentials of usability and user experience published by Springer, as well as two books on personality development.

Maja Wolf

Maja Wolf is an in-house product designer, working for MESI, where she has been building and improving the healthcare experience for the past three years. She is the type of a person who brings in a more empathetic, flexible and iterative approach to product development. She is also a skilled facilitator with an interest in testing some of the facilitating methods online.

Emilija Stojmenova Duh

Аssistant professor at the Faculty of Еlectrical engineering, University of Ljubljana. Аlso Head of Public, Private, People Partnership Digital Innovation Hub – 4P DIH. She has founded and is coordinating the national FabLab network in Slovenia, which is a technical prototyping platform for innovation and invention, providing stimulus for local entrepreneurship.

Miha Vidmajer

Product Manager at Viberate in charge of music analytics. Along with a business background, he is also skilled in digital marketing & web analytics. Prior to making a product out of music data, Miha worked at PM, poslovni mediji where he managed the development of complex IT projects for some of their biggest international clients, like Hilti & Deutsche Bank in cooperation with the Berlin-based agency C3.

Martina Mitz

Martina started as a self-taught Web Designer in 1999. In 2007 she finalized her (Diploma-) study in Psychology and started working in the field of clinical Psychology. Since then Martina has not only contributed to the digital and service ecosystems of many recognizable companies (e.g. eBay, PayPal, Emirates Airlines, Volkswagen, Telekom, StepStone, and many more), but she also helped selected Start-ups in Europe, by forming and driving their Research, as well as contributing to their product or service strategy and definition.

Tina Šmon

Entered the world of UX design through the doors of an web agency Optiweb, where she walked the path from smaller clients all the way to online stores and configurators for the most famous Slovenian companies. Wanting to devote herself even more deeply to the UX sphere and perfect her design skills, she said goodbye to her agency career and is today, as a product designer, co-creating the Viberate music online platform.

Aldrich Huang

Aldrich is the CEO & Co-founder of UXTesting.io, Global Mentor of UXPA, Board Member of UXQCC, All-Star Mentor at Techstars. With several years of working experience in the field of legal, business development, and user experience strategy, he firmly believes that the better user experience will bring joy to your users and diversity will bring more value for your organizations.

Nina Georgieva

Nina is a Product Designer @ Google Maps, an amateur Cyborg on Instagram, and an awful cook. After hopping from Skopje to Singapore, where she spent 5+ years, she’s now based in Tokyo. Nina started her career as a self-taught Graphic Designer, and through Visual Design and Illustration made her way to UX. Having worked with big and small teams, agencies, startups and freelance, she developed a taste for building playful experiences, and integrating game thinking into her work.

Damjan Obal

Product builder at Pexip, where they help people collaborate and communicate no matter the distance or technology. His journey led him from working with Mayo Clinic to develop a corporate well-being program to cracking security challenges with the US State Department. Damjan holds a PhD in human-computer interaction and is an active member of IxDA, UXPA, and SIGCHI communities. He is one of the mentors of the Brainster UX Bootcamp in Vienna.

Ana Osredkar

Co-founder and director of Servis 8 service design institute in Ljubljana. Previously she has worked as head of Market and Consumer intelligence for Gorenje Group, where she ran multiple international design research projects to inform product and service development, and supported the Group's digital transformation with developing digital services across channels and brands.


DAY #1 / 11:00 - 15:00

Aldrich Huang - Money, Stakeholder or UX talks?

Martina Mitz - Experience Mapping. Why, How and What?

Miha Vidmajer + Tina Smon from Viberate - Making analytics attractive and understandable

Emilija Stomienova Duh - To be announced

DAY #2 / 11:00-15:00

Hannes Robier - The foundation and best strategy to design a bot

Maja Wolf - Digitizing a medical test

Nina Georgieva - How to prevent the murder of your design

Damjan Obal - To be announced

Ana Osredkar - To be announced


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